Birthday Parties

Weekday Birthday Parties:

  •  Make a reservation by calling (703) 323-1188 or by email. Reservations

  •  The cost per person is $10, which covers the entrance fee, hayride and a "patch" pumpkin. (Kids under 2 are admitted free) Remember to include any parents or siblings in your headcount.

  •  On party day, check in with the cashier. Bring a complete guest list. be sure to include all guests (most young children bring an adult and possibly siblings) or they will be asked to pay for their own entry. You will need to pay for your whole group before your guests enter the festival grounds.

  •  The host/hostess should arrive early to choose a table and set up. (sorry, no reserved tables) We suggest using balloons or a banner to identify your party. All parties must use the picnic tables inside the playground area. To insure a table for your group, evening parties are advised to setup between 4-6 p.m.

  •  Please arrange to meet your guests at a designated area either under the tent or at the festival main entrance. once your group is together, give out the entrance bracelets and proceed to the playground entrance. Give the cashier your guest list. Any late arriving guests may check in with the cashier.

  •  Feel free to bring your own food, drinks, cake and coolers. We sell sodas, and pizza is available for delivery from local pizza parlors. Ice cream is not recommended. Alcohol is not allowed on the grounds.

  •  Advise your group to dress for the weather. It can be quite cool in October. In the event of rain, you should call ahead to confirm that we are open. Plan an alternative date in the case of rain.

  • Weekend Birthday Parties:


  •  If possible, try to schedule your party on a weekday. if this is not possible, we welcome your group on the weekends. Unfortunately, we are not able to take reservations or make special arrangements on the weekends or Columbus Day. No birthday parties may be held under the food tent area. The price is $15 per person which covers the entrance fee, hayride and a "patch" pumpkin. Some weekend events will require an additional fee. These tickets may be purchased from the cashier.

  •  Please follow the above guidelines for weekday parties as they apply to the weekends as well.